Concussion Certificate 2024-25

Concussion Certificate 2023-24

Concussion certificates are now being accepted for 2024-25 volleyball season.  To do the certificate go to  This year you do not email your concussion certificates to me.  This year you will upload the certificates once you have completed them to ref sec via Https:// . If you do multiple sports and use the same email for all your sports, then when you upload it once, it goes to all sports that use ref sec.  Example if you do volleyball and BB/SB, once you upload it to volleyball, then it automatically uploads to BB/SB.  I will obtain the certificate from there to change your status on zebraweb. 

Directions on how to complete this task are  on our web site,  Main Menu, Concussion Certificate 2023-24.

If you have any questions please email John at: