VB Interpretations/Mechanics Meeting Meeting 1 Presentation

Dear Members,
Here are some major points for clarification:

1. Matches at any level should not be played if there is insufficient padding. Contact me & I will let the NJSIAA know.

2. Any other issues with equipment play the match & then contact me.

3. Indian Hills gym was redone over the summer & volleyball lines were done in yellow, which is not the optimum color. Matches will be played, and this will be corrected for next year.

4. Hair control devices that are securely fastened and do not increase risk are permitted. If not securely fastened, official should approach coach to address any issues.

5. Head Coach is required to indicate the playing captain with a "C" next to the player's name on the lineup.

6. Head coach or playing captain may verbalize or signal for a time-out.

7. Assistant coaches may stand during a dead ball & ask R2 to verify substitutions used by their team.

8. Teams will switch bench this year unless there are COVID concerns or there is mutual agreement.

9. If there is an injury on the court during play, the R1 remains on the stand with line judges in their time-out position. The R2 then talks to one of the coaches regarding their options.

10. All players must be seated during play. DO NOT ALLOW PLAYERS TO STAND AT THE END OF THE BENCH.

11. The first team contact over the net should never be caught, thrown, come to rest or involve prolonged contact. Multiple contact is allowed when blocking the ball and the team's first contact.

12. A player may cross the centerline outside the court and play a ball which has not completely crossed the vertical plane of the net extended.

13. Player shall not contact a ball which completely on the opponent's side of the net unless it is a legal block.

14. Cards should be used when necessary. Verbal warnings are not necessary, use the Yellow card to issue a warning.

Thanks to all for your texts, calls & emails. If you have any questions now or during the season email at sharonhughes13@optonline.net

All my best this season,

Sharon Hughes