The NE2 Volleyball Chapter congratulates one of our members Stephen Fenton on receiving the 2019 NJSIAA Legends award for coaching excellence.  Below is a lttle history about Stephen:

Stephen began coaching in the Spring of 1980 in which the sport of volleyball had a split season. Doing the math, it amounts to 40 years and counting...  He didn’t have a lot of success in the Spring and that ended in 1998 when the State moved all volleyball to the Fall. He left Jonathan Dayton in 1998 and since 1992 continued coaching volleyball at the school he was  teaching in, Bloomfield HS.  So he had double seasons in volleyball for 7 years.

At Bloomfield his  success included winning some league titles, the ECT in 1998, and the State Gr. 4 championship in 1999.

Upon retiring from teaching 2005, he accepted the coaching position the next Fall at Madison HS. At Madison, his teams  made the State tournament 13 of 14 years, including 5 consecutive league titles, 4 State final fours, and 2 State sectional titles.  Stephen was honored at Madison when he achieved the 500th victory on Nov. 1, 2018. Of the 514 wins, 251 are at Madison HS

Other achievements including  facilitating high school volleyball tournaments every year since the mid 1980s, coaching athletes in club volleyball, and lately, officiating high school boys volleyball.  With this Sephen   helped  promote the importance and integrity of the game od volleyball.  Stephen was nominated for the Legends award by Madison AD Sean Dowling and his  son who was Hunterdon Central Head Coach.   It should also be noted that at one point not only was  Stephen a head coach, his son and his daughter were head coaches at various high schools..  Congratulations Stephen on a deserving award!!!!!!!!!!